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A company since more than 30 years experience.

And for just as long we have been dealed with development, production and sale of new, high-quality and innovative car DIY repair kits amd dyeing systems focusing on DIY SMART REPAIR. For vintage cars there are often no more parts available, leased vehicles have to be refurbished before they are returned and damage has to be repaired, just as with the sale of used cars.

ATG offers successful self-repair experiences. The past monghts we have invested a lot in new products and our successful growths. ATG quality items are also ideally suited as take-away articles for specialist dealers, wholesalers, car dealerships, workshops, workshop chains, specialist automotive markets, filling stations, car courts, car wash areas, retail chains, DIY stores, tyre dealers, industrial and commercial applications as well as online shops. We deliver all products with an application video using the so-called VideoLink/QR code. ATG products are problem-solving, fun to use, all ingredients for repair are included in one set, the sets are self-explanatory, have a top price-performance ratio and are fully in line with market trends.
"Repair it yourself - Save money!" All instructions are available in German, English, Italian, French and Spanish. ATG - The fresh, positive and international brand! Due to the increasing density of road traffic and the simultaneous increase in (electric) vehicles with assistance systems, small and medium-sized damage to vehicles is increasing. And this is exactly where ATG products are increasingly used. ATG is used in the automotive, aviation, marine, hotel, gastronomy, office, household and leisure sectors and is subject to strict quality controls. With the constantly increasing demand for our products, we are constantly expanding our product range in line with the latest trends.

The longer service life of vehicles, as well as the cost-effective preparation of vintage cars, youngtimers, used cars and in particular leased vehicles, are for us, besides an easy applicability of the repair sets, the highest goal in product development. We will continue to do everything we can to offer you as an innovative company cost-effective alternatives to expensive new acquisitions.