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ATG Perfect Color - Plastic Dyer ANTHRACITE

  • permanently by penetrating the plastic
  • universally suitable for all vehicle brands
  • colours and cares for plastics
  • abrasion- and water-resistant - suitable for washing systems
  • value-preserving and value-enhancing

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Especially with older vehicles you know the problem: unpainted plastic parts such as bumpers, rear aprons, rear-view mirrors, convertible tops and door handles etc. fade after a few years and weather!

We have the solution: With our Perfect COLOR plastic colorant you have a cost-effective alternative to the new acquisition or the expensive walk to the conditioner.

The plastic paint from ATG from our do it yourself range colours, cares for, is durable, abrasion-resistant, environmentally friendly and keeps the plastic supple and prevents embrittlement. In contrast to other paints or varnishes, which only adhere to the surface of the material as when varnishing, the colour pigments of "Perfect Color" penetrate into the surface structure of the plastic and combine with it. The original structure of the plastic remains fully intact. For this reason, "Perfect Color" is not painted or sprayed on, but rubbed in with circular movements, resulting in an even colour with depth effect. Due to the material penetration, our "Perfect Color" is also suitable for re-coloring plastic parts and large plastic surfaces.

The set comes with detailed multilingual instructions for use.

Our TIP: In order for the colour pigments to penetrate evenly into the plastic surface, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned before treatment. Use a commercially available silicone-free cleaner or methylated spirit to clean and prepare the parts to be coloured. (not included in delivery)

Recommended by MAN for plastic care! ( MAN SI-Number 130512a )

Perfect Color in a practical test on the tarpaulin of a beautiful FIAT Nuova 500 vintage car!


Set contents:
1 round sponge
1 detailed, multilingual instruction manual
1 70 gram (2.47 oz) tube of colour concentrate in anthracite (good for approx. 1.5 m²/16.14 square feet) RAL 7016

Application areas:

  • Rubber parts
  • door handles
  • trim strips
  • rear-view mirrors
  • bumpers
  • dashboards
  • side claddings
  • vehicle headliner

Important note: For small parts or dashboards, we recommend that you only colour the parts when they have been removed. This will enable you to reach hard-to-reach areas more easily and achieve a more even colouring. Drops and smearing at unwanted places are avoided and you save yourself the trouble of taping.


Suitable for the following surfaces:

  1. PVC (vinyl)
  2. leather
  3. imitation leather
  4. hard plastic
  5. soft plastic


Areas of application: Car - Truck - Boat - Bus - Caravan

If the color is also suitable for garden furniture made of polypropylene?

If the garden furniture have a rough / matt surface, you can apply the color easily. However, if the surface is smooth and glossy, you should these with sandpaper or similar roughen, otherwise it comes to adhesion problems.

Can the colors also be mix with each other, to get a brighter or darker color?

The colors can be mixed individually.

Can you cover with light tones dark plastic parts?

In principle, it is possible, dark or even black plastic parts to cover with a bright color. For this you should apply the color several times with the sponge, until the desired result is achieved. Between the individual dyeing - let the applied paint dry. However, if you dye several times, the material can become stiff.


Perfect Color cover small scratches?

Yes, the color cover small scratches.


Can I use after dyeing normal Cockpit Spray?

We do not recommend to avoid chemical reactions.

If the product is suitable when the soft paint of the instrument panel has been removed?

Basically, you can color the dashboard, as long as it is fat-free and free of silicone.

The soft paint must have been thoroughly settled, otherwise there will be stains because of the different surface structures

Is the product for dyeing headliners suitable with small holes?

Yes. Our product "Perfect Color" is well suited for this purpose:

dampen the sponge well and apply the paint very thin.

Let it dry.

Repeat several times if necessary the procedure.


Item ID 201
Condition New
Model ATG063
Manufacturer ATG GmbH & Co. KG
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
Weight 214 g
Net weight 114 g
Dimensions 206×105×60 mm