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ATG Leder Color - Leather Color and Refresh Black

  • For the treatment of scuffs and scratches
  • Refreshes bleached leather
  • Easy and multiple use
  • Abrasion- and waterproof
  • Dyes all types of smooth and imitation leather

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The problem with frequently used vehicles is well known: leather and imitation leather seats or surfaces wear out over time and discolour. Particularly with light colours in beige or white, unattractive soiling or superficial abrasions often occur after only a short period of use, e.g. when the seat stringers are worn away by getting in and out.
We have the solution: With our ATG Leather Color BLACK you have an economical alternative to the new acquisition or the expensive walk to the conditioner. As long as the leather is still soft and the damage is not yet deep in the material, ATG's leather colour is ideal for compensating and re-colouring these superficial wear, abrasions and scratches.

Important Note: Leather Color is not suitable for already fragile and brittle old leather, as adhesion problems can occur. On the other hand, it is perfect for processing leasing returns and used vehicles.

The set comes with detailed, multilingual instructions.

Our tip: After dyeing and treatment with the leather colour, we recommend that you seal the surface with our leather care set "Leather Cleaning and Care" (not included in delivery).

Kit Contents:

  • 1 round sponge
  • 1 bottle of leather colour 57 ml (1.92 fl oz). Good for app. 0.5 m² (5.38 square feet)
  • 1 detailed instruction manual ( ENGLISH | FRENCH | ITALIAN | GERMAN )


Special Features:

  • Light resistant
  • Durable
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Increase value
  • Easy to use
  • Re applicable
  • Intermixable


Ranges of Applications:

  • Leather and imitation leather furniture ( chair, chairs, sofas, trimmings, etc. )
  • Automotive. Leather and imitation leather interiors ( seats, steering wheel, side pannels etc. )
  • Leather and imitation leather clothing ( bags, suitcases, jackets, pants, shoes, boots, etc. )



Application Areas:  Car - Motorcycle - Truck - Bus - Caravan

With what the paint is applied?

The leather color is applied, using the enclosed sponge.

You can apply the paint with a brush or painting it with a spray (depending on the size of the nozzle).


Does the treated article are additionally sealed?

For this product sealing is not necessary. Of course you can item  


treated item with our leather care kit. This product nourishes and seals the surface.


Will the color rub off after proper use?

After proper use and the paint is completely dry, there are no discoloration.

If there is anyway a discoloration, the reason could be, that the substrate was not cleaned properly (the surface must be thoroughly cleaned of adhesive-reducing fats and previously applied care products). That´s why the paint does not stick and there is discoloration.


If the leather color suitable for dyeing complete?

The leather dye, the color renewal for minor damages, scrapings and scratches in leather and imitation leather. You can color even large surfaces, However, the substrate must be properly prepared and cleaned, in order to ensure the adhesion of the color. We can not accept a guarantee or liability for the dyeing of larger areas                                                          

Item ID 204
Condition New
Model ATG022
Manufacturer ATG GmbH & Co. KG
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
Weight 218 g
Net weight 118 g
Dimensions 206×105×60 mm