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ATG Window-FIX – window repair set for elimination of tears and scratches on windshields – 14-part stone chip touch-up kit – DIY Smart Repair

• Easy to use windshield repair set: Small stone chip damages in the laminated glass can easily be restored in a DIY procedure thanks to the special resin. This will help to prevent further cracks in the glass.
• Security at a low price: With the extensive stone chip window repair set, you can give your damaged windshield stability and thereby spare yourself the need of laborious special repairs or purchasing expensive new front windshields.
• Fast repairs with the ATG special tool set for car windshields: Fill and smooth out dangerous damages in the windshield glass with the special injector before the damaged area grows or cracks spread.
• A must-have in every tool box: Optical interferences and distortions in the vehicle’s glass, e.g. through windshield wipers or ice scrapers, as well as cracked glass through the heat or cold, can be removed with the stone chip kit.
• Smart, smarter, Smart Repair: Return your vintage car or newer vehicle to its original state by eliminating small defects in the windshield with the DIY car glass special tool set. This means that you can bypass the overpriced special auto body shops.

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ATG Window-FIX – the revolutionary window repair set by ATG


Perfect visibility on the street is the most important requirement for a safe trip. Damages to the windshield impair your view and should therefore be repaired immediately. This will keep the damage from spreading. It will also help you avoid expensive auto body shop repairs or exchanging the windshield.


For the perfect view

✔ The repair set fixes all types of stone chips up to Ø 2.5 cm in the laminated glass (e.g., in cars, trucks, campers)

Fill the cracks in the windshield with the special injector

✔ Give your windshield new stability


Please note: Repairs in the driver’s field of vision are not allowed! The 14-part set includes:

·      1 x 2 ml UV resin (special resin)

·      1 x resin base

·      1 x resin injector (syringe)

·      1 x cleaning pin

·      2 x adhesive seal

·      5 x finish foil

·      1 x razor blade

·      1 x cleaning cloth

·      1 x instruction manual


Easy to use:

1.   Remove all glass splinters from the stone chip.

2.   Fix the adhesive seal with the opening above the damaged area. Then remove the red foil.

3.   Stick the base to the seal and fill it with ¾ of the special resin.

4.   Work the area and be sure to closely follow the instructions in the enclosed manual.

5.   Remove the base and excess resin with a sharp object.

6.   Drip the remaining resin onto the stone chip opening and place the transparent film on it.

7.   Let this area dry and then remove the film and excess material.



Read the enclosed instructions before use.


EN Warning:
Causes serious eye irritation. May cause respiratory irritation.
Causes skin irritation. May cause an allergic skin reaction. If
medical advice is needed, have product container or label at
hand. Keep out of reach of children. Wear protective gloves
and eye-/face protection. Call a POISON CENTER/doctor if
you feel unwell. IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of water and
soap. Store locked up. Dispose of contents in a safe way of
disposal. Contains: 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate, 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane.

DE Warnung:
Verursacht schwere Augenreizung. Kann die Atemwege
reizen. Verursacht Hautreizungen. Kann allergische Hautreaktionen
verursachen. Ist ärztlicher Rat erforderlich, Verpackung
oder Kennzeichnungsetikett bereithalten. Darf nicht in die
Hände von Kindern gelangen. Schutzhandschuhe und
Augen-/Gesichtsschutz tragen. BEI BERÜHRUNG MIT DER
HAUT: Mit viel Wasser und Seife waschen. Bei Unwohlsein
GIFTINFORMATIONSZENTRUM/Arzt anrufen. Unter Verschluss
aufbewahren. Inhalt/Behälter in gesicherter Weise der
Entsorgung zuführen. Enthält: 2-Hydroxyethylmethacrylat,

EN Application and storage:
Protect from sunshine. Protect from frost and heat. To avoid risks to man and
environment, follow the instructions. Keep out of the reach of children and
animals. The product is not suitable for consumption. We accept no liability for
application errors.
DE Anwendung und Lagerung:
Vor Sonnenbestrahlung schützen. Vor Frost und Hitze schützen. Zur Vermeidung
von Risiken für Mensch und Umwelt die Gebrauchsanleitung einhalten. Für
Kinder und Tiere unerreichbar aufbewahren. Das Produkt ist nicht für den
Verzehr geeignet. Für Anwendungsfehler übernehmen wir keine Gewähr.


A. Do not carry out the repair under direct sunlight or on a hot windshield! To cool the windshield, park your vehicle in the shade or in a garage and open the side windows! B. Avoid the contact of the Repair Resin with painted surfaces!

1. Carefully remove all loose glass particles from the Stone Damage using the included Push Pin. ATTENTION: Protect your eyes with protective goggles! Clean also the adjacent area with the clean and dry blue cleaning cloth.

2. On one side of an Adhesive Seal, remove the white protective film. Glue the Adhesive Seal with the round hole in the center over the Stone Damage and with the rectangular marking pointing upwards. Use both fingers to securely tighten the Adhesive Seal so that it adheres to the windscreen without creases. Then, peel off the top red protective film.

3. Now take the enclosed black o-ring/sealing ring and insert it into the round opening in the middle of the Adhesive Seal. The o-ring/sealing ring is important, so that no Repair Resin runs out at the side during the subsequent overpressure! Then glue the red Pedestal with the marking upwards on the Adhesive Seal and press firmly.

4. Open the DIY WINDSHIELD REPAIR RESIN bottle with a scissors and fill this Repair Resin slowly while avoiding air bubbles in the Pedestal. Leave a rest of Repair Resin in the bottle, which you will need later for the finish. Push the Plunger into the Resin Injector completely and then insert the Resin Injector firmly and tightly onto the Pedestal.

5. Now hold the Resin Injector and the Pedestal with one hand and slowly pull the Plunger out with the other hand to the lower notch. Fix the Plunger in this position using the notch and the spring clip. A vacuum is created. Wait 10 minutes.

6. Hold the Pedestal with one hand and use the other hand to turn the Resin Injector out to allow air to enter. Then put the Resin Injector firmly on the Pedestal again. Now hold the Resin Injector and the Pedestal with one hand, slowly turn the Plunger out of the spring clip with the other hand and push it slowly in until the upper notch. Do not continue, since the Repair Resin can escape at the sides if the pressure is too much. Fix the Plunger in this position using the upper notch and the spring clip. An overpressure arises. Wait 15-20 minutes.

7. Carefully remove the Pedestal, the Adhesive Seal, and excess Repair Resin with a Razor Blade (CAUTION BEFORE INJURY!), With which you finally wiping over the excess of Repair Resin, which is excessively sticky on the windshield, to remove it. Please ensure that you do not scratch the windshield and that you do not remove any Repair Resin from the Stone Damage!

8. Take a transparent Curing Film in your hand, using the other hand 1-2 drops of Repair Resin directly onto the Stone Damage and immediately place the Curing Film over the Repair Resin drop. Distribute the Repair Resin by driving with a Razor Blade over the Curing Film and thereby remove the air bubbles.

9. Park your vehicle with the windshield at least 30 minutes into the sun or at least one hour when it is cloudy. The Repair Resin hardens only with natural UV radiation. Alternatively, use a commercially available UV lamp (8 volts) with a curing time of 2-5 minutes. With a Razor Blade, you can then remove the Curing Film and scrap excess Repair Resin carefully and rub it with the Cleaning Cloth easily over it. Finished! Further cracking and the penetration of water and dirt are now prevented and the stability of the windshield is reproduced. A minimal part of Stone Damage remains visible even after repair!

Item ID 512
Condition New
Model ATG116
Manufacturer ATG GmbH & Co. KG
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
Weight 164 g
Net weight 64 g
Dimensions 206×105×40 mm