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ATG130 PERFECT.CUT Universal Windshield Wiper Regroover from ATG Wiper Blades repair quickly and easily

Wiper repair made easy - in a few moments for a clear view Before you work on your windscreen wiper, we recommend that you carry out the cleaning test first. A sponge is integrated in the housing of the wiper cutter, which you moisten and thus clean the wipers. Then pull the wiper through the cleaning profile.

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PERFECT.CUT Auto Scheibenwischer Schneider - für klare Sicht und mehr Sicherheit im Straßenverkehr

Wiper repair made easy - in just a few moments to a clear view
Before adjusting your windshield wiper, we recommend you to do the cleaning test first. The housing of the wiper cutter integrates a sponge, which you have to moisten to clean the wipers. Afterwards, pull the windscreen wiper through the cleaning profile. If the result should not be satisfactory, re-cut your wipers with the PERFECT.CUT. When using for the first time, press the switch 1 until it clicks into place and pull the entire wiper lip in the direction of the arrow through the gadget and then clean the lip and the windshield wiper is like new!

Windscreen wiper repair quick and easy - the advantages at a glance:

  • PRECISE - with a high quality titanium nitride stainless steel blade from Solingen
  • ECOCONOMIC - by post-processing you have avoided the purchase of new wipers and thus unnecessary waste
  • REUSABLE - you can use the wiper grinder over many years, and the Wiper Tool amortize itself right from the first cut
  • ROAD SAFETY - with the windshield wiper cutter your wipers are in perfect shape and you have the full view through clear vision
  • ERGONOMIC - suitable for left- and right-handers
  • UNIVERSELL - For all common quality wipers
  • Made in Germany - Titanium-nitride stainless steel blade from Solingen, Germany


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Our DIY Smart Repair products for well-maintained cars! We have made it our business to develop cost-effective processing options for vehicles in order to extend their service life. In our range you will find a multitude of innovative alternatives to expensive new purchases that are kind to the environment and your wallet.


NOTE: Before cutting, add a drop of dishwashing liquid to the sponge and rub it into the windscreen wiper, then the PERFECT. CUT will run more easily and without getting caught and the cutting edge will be more accurate! If a piece of rubber protrudes at the edge of the cut at the end of the windscreen wiper after cutting, simply cut it off carefully with a pair of scissors.

CAUTION: do not cut the windscreen wipers at „sub-zero temperatures“. Depending on the rubber mixture the wipers will be too hard, which can lead to damage to the wiper blade.

01. Flip up the wiper arm. If the wiper is very dirty, pull it through the cleaning slot first. Clean it then thoroughly with the moist sponge.

02. When using for the first time, press “switch 1” until it engages. Position the PERFECT.CUT against the edge of the wiper lip.

03. When positioning it, pay attention to the right arrow direction.

04. Pull the PERFECT.CUT over the entire wiper lip in one go.

05. Then clean again.

Item ID 605
Condition New
Model ATG130
Manufacturer ATG GmbH & Co. KG
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
Weight 128 g
Net weight 28 g
Dimensions 50×40×40 mm